Group Events & Birthday Party Pricing

There are a few different ways to have a party here at the Westwood Cinema 6...

  • Bring a group to the movie and choose one of the three food options below
  • Have your party here at the Cinema during our regular matinee schedule. Your movie themed party will take place an hour prior to the movie you choose to see. For a fee of $50 we will rope off a private area for your group to do your pary. We supply covered tables and chairs with decorations and balloons. We will also take care of all your paper goods - napkins, plates, cups and forks. We will set up and clean up for your group. You are responsible for all of the food and drink items for your party time. You can bring in pizza, finger foods, etc. The admission per partygoer is outlined in the food options below. There is a 35 person maximum for this party including adults/chaperones.
  • Have a private here at the Cinema and get the entire facility to yourself! Your party will take place in the morning prior to our regular schedule. Start your party at 9:30A.M. We set up the lobby with tables, chairs, table covers and movie themed decorations. At 10:30A.M we will start the movie. For concessions, only option #2 or #3 is available for the private showing. The cost is the same per child, but there is a 50 child minimum for the private showing no matter if 50 kids show up or not.

Option #1 - $5.00 per person - concessions purchased on their own + $2.00 3D Fee**

Option #2 - $7.00 per person - includes admission, 12 oz drink and 30 oz popcorn + $2.00 3D Fee**

Option #3 - $8.00 per person - includes admission, 16 oz drink and 46 oz popcorn + $2.00 3D Fee**


**Please make note there is a $2.00 per person charge for all 3D movies including the adults who choose to stay to see the movie. The Westwood Cinema does not have control over which movie is in 2D or 3D we play what format we are required to per our contract with the movie company.

No deposit is required, but our popular kids movies book quickly. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance. There is an 8 person minimum for any of the party packages.


Call, text, or email Donna to book your party!


Additional Information for Birthday Parties and Group Events

  • There is no charge for Adults and Chaperones that attend the movie with the group. There can only be one parent/adult per child that attends the party that can get into the movie for free. The family that is giving the party can have 4 adults that get in free to the movies with the party. Any extra parent or adult that attends the party will need to pay the group rate to see the movie.
  • During the hour prior to the movie you will be in charge of taking care of your group. This will be the time you enjoy any refreshments you bring in for the party. Once it is time for the movie all the refreshments that you brought in will need to be stored with us inside or in your car. All presents and non-food items will need to go in your car. No outside food or drink can be brought into the auditorium for the movie. We will supply the popcorn and drink for the movie.
  • Please specify to the attendant handling the party if you will be purchasing the popcorn and drinks for the adults that attend the party with their children.
  • During the party time you will be asked to get a drink order for your group. The drinks will be supplied to your group during the movie. We do not supply the drinks for the party time. The drink order is for those attending the party doing the popcorn and drink combo. This will also serve as a count for the party. Adults may choose to participate in the offer of the popcorn and drink, but they will get the same size the kids get and for the same price.
  • We will do our best to make sure your group will get into the movie first or save a row of seats for your group. The saved row of seats is for the children who attend the party, not parents. Everyone in your group will for sure have a seat.

Ticket Pricing

Rated R Policy

Each patron must have their own Valid ID to purchase an R Rated movie ticket. Each patron should also be prepared to show this ID to the ticket taker upon entering the auditorium.
Patrons must be at least 17 years of age or have their parent accompany them to view the movie.


At the Westwood’s Last Saturday Sensory Friendly Screenings we try to create a comfortable environment for those who lead lives with Autism or other sensory sensitivities, so . . . we turn the lights up, turn the sound down, and invite all our guests to get up, dance, walk, shout and sing! In short . . . just have fun experiencing the latest Hollywood hits!